Top 10 alkaline foods to eat every day – en.Kung-Food

We are all familiar with the acids being used in domestic purposes. However, only few are aware of how acid our diet can be. There are many advertisements in magazines, newspapers and even on TV, advertising bottled or packed products which actually don’t correspond to our needs and metabolic processes in the body. Actually, these products have become a symbol of wide-spread consumerism, which has gone too far. We need to understand that acid diet is detrimental to our overall health. Acid diet destroys our health because we, as humans are alkaline organisms in the food chain and are made to consume alkaline foods. Unless we pay particular notice to the food we consume, our blood pH level can easily turn acidic. In case our blood turns acidic (non-alkaline liquid), we can easily become susceptible to the most severe diseases, such as cancer and similar auto-immune medical conditions.

This happens as a result to the inability of the body to resist these conditions. Keep reading and learn which are the top 10 alkaline foods to eat every day that will provide your body and mind wit more energy and health.