The 10 best hangover foods – en.Kung-Food

Whether you’re ringing in the new year or hosting a summer barbecue, it’s important to know how to prevent a hangover before the morning after. Good news, we are going to help you by listing the 10 best hangover foods! Enjoying a few drinks doesn’t mean you’re destined to spend the next day sloth-like on the couch or hunched over a toilet. In fact, researchers are finding that your alcoholic choices and what you eat before, during, and after you drink could drastically reduce your risk of a morning hangover. In the event that you do overindulge and find yourself feeling queasy and awful the morning after, reach for the 10 best hangover foods and drinks instead of the medicine cabinet and you’ll be feeling refreshed and back to your good old self in no time. And remember to choose organic foods when stocking up on foods to fight hangovers; your night out on the town has already given your liver enough to process, it shouldn’t have to deal with breaking down toxic pesticides, too. Cheers!!