10 world's spiciest foods – en.Kung-Food

Many people, especially men we must say, love spicy food, especially those dishes with the noble chili pepper. If you love spicy food as much as we do, then you need to check the 10 world’s spiciest foods. We scoured the globe for a few of the spiciest recipes that’ll keep you in tears, literally. As we selected these dishes, we looked not only for the hottest regional foods, but also for the ones that tasted best. So, while you might be able to find hotter, we think the combination of ingredients in each of these spicy dishes sets them apart from the pack. It would have been to easy to only list different kind of chili sauces. If you plan to cook something really really spicy, you need to keep in mind some helpful rules of thumb to help you survive the ordeal of eating any of these dishes. Don’t touch the food to your lips if you want to avoid a really uncomfortable burn and don’t drink water or cold beer to cool down — head for bread or milk-based products instead. Here’s the 10 world’s spiciest foods list: be careful!