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Have you ever asked yourself what are the 10 most hated foods ever? Most of us developed food phobias during childhood, but it’s never too late to get over them. In fact, foods many people hated as children not only provide essential nutrients for adult bodies but they house a potpourri of savors, tangs, and zests. Here (in random order, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise) are the most common “ick” foods that are actually incredibly good for you, and tasty. Fish is definitely a hated food, at least from kids, as it smell and taste bad, or so kids think, while avocado is considered odd. Cottage cheese is not very popular either, basically like turnips, bulbous purple roots that don’t look the least bit appetizing, and beets, that look like slices of canned cranberry jelly.

Brussel sprouts are hated even before being tried, pretty much like broccoli, “mini-trees” packed with a healthy dose of vitamin K. Spinach are not very appetizing either, at least when you are youngs, exactly like eggplants that have a spongy texture kids don’t like. Liver, eaten since centuries ago, is hated not only by 99% of the kids, but from a good number of adults too. So, let’s see the proper order from #10 to #1, here’s the 10 most hated foods list.