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Croquettes are much loved all over the world. If you ask someone their favourite food, I think one of the most common answers will have to be: “my mother’s croquettes!”. Italian and Spanish croquettes (the ones I know best) have many different fillings. Some people prefer chicken ones, others prefer cod or ham, others like a simple vegetable filling. There is also a lot of freedom with the type of sauce you choose, but the croquettes are almost always cylindrical and covered in bread crumbs. In today’s recipe we have vegetable croquettes with spinach sauce. If you have the chance to prepare these vegetable croquettes with spinach sauce for someone today or during the weekend, I guarantee you will be very popular indeed!

INGREDIENTS 1/2 kg of boiled potatoes 200 grs of boiled carrots 200 grs of boiled peas 2 eggs Flour and a beaten egg 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs Olive oil Salt, to taste 100 grs of spinach

1 potato

Chop and then blend the vegetables with a blender into a thick purée. Add the eggs to the purée (if it is too thin, add some breadcrumbs). Season and mix well. Prepare a spinach sauce boiling the spinach with the chopped potato in a pan with water, salt and a dash of oil for 15 minutes. When done, mix all together with a blender.

Give shape to the croquets, batter with the flour and beaten egg and fry in olive oil until golden. Serve vegetable croquettes with spinach sauce in a platter with the bottom covered with the sauce.