How to carve a pumpkin – en.Kung-Food

Almost everyone loves Halloween, but not all of us know how to carve a pumpkin. When you’re a kid, there is nothing better than going trick or treating but when you are older, you get to enjoy preparing an exciting experience for you kids. Halloween would not be the same without the traditional Jack-o-Lantern on your porch, lighting your house with a bewitched flickering light and watching your house for mischievous tricksters.  More than anything, carving a Jack-o-Lantern is a great opportunity for you to spend a nice and creative time with your kids. You can carve a pumpkin in many different ways and give it so many particular “smiles”, making it look like a cat, a bat, a spider, a human and so on. So let’s see how to carve a pumpkin and make it look good.

Start by removing the pumpkins head. This stage requires the use of a sharp knife, so make sure the smaller kids stay away from the knife and remember to place it carefully away from their reach when done. Empty the pumpkin. This is where your kids could gladly help. All you need is a strong spoon or an ice cream scoop. If they start to feel like this is a hard labor, try encourage them to keep up with the good work, or jump ahead to the next step before returning to this one.

Design your pumpkin’s face. Is it a scary pumpkin? Is it a happy one? Does it has sharp or square teeth? Share your kids in the process. Let them feel that they are contributing, and that their opinions count. Draw the pumpkin’s face with a light pencil, so you can see how it is going to look before carving it. Carve the pumpkin’s face. Again, this stage require the use of a sharp knife, so remember to make sure the smaller kids keep their hands to themselves. Start by carving the eyes, which are easier, and then, after you have built your confidence, get with the nose and mouth.

This is it. You now have a perfect Jack-o-Lantern. Enjoy!