20 incredible food tattoos – en.Kung-Food

Tattoos are beautiful, personalized works of art to be admired and worn with pride. In a perfect world, the tattoo artist and his or her blank canvas share the same vision: to merge skin and ink, body and design in an artful manner. However, there are times when this mission goes awry, typically yielding some pretty hilarious and cringe—worthy results.  Whether the idea itself is off, or the execution is downright god awful, there’s no denying that having a bad tattoo is embarrassing for everyone involved; and some of the following 20 incredible food tattoos are actually quite bad. Tattoos are a way to permanently display your passion, and for those who love the culinary arts, a tattoo of a favorite food is just the way to express it. If you happen to be considering getting a tattoo that displays your love of food, get inspired by these delicious-looking and beautiful tattoos.