5 tips for growing sage – en.Kung-Food

Among the herbs used in the kitchen, it is definitely one of the most common. Sage is an aromatic plant used in the preparation of several dishes and its leaves are used in the kitchen either fresh or dried, to flavor dishes such as pasta, meat, fish or herbal teas and decoctions. Easy to grow in you house’s garden or on the balcony, sage is a plant that lives well in a warm and sunny climate, but it also effectively resist the colder weather. Sage is particularly known for its anti-inflammatory, balsamic, digestive and expectorant properties. There are a few types of sage, including the most widely used in the kitchen which is the “salvia officinalis”, the common sage. In general, sage prefers neutral to slightly calcareous soils and sandy, very permeable ones to have good drainage and good air circulation. Sage does not like acid soils and heavy and does not need large amounts of water. So here are 5 tips for growing sage properly.