The 15 best biscuits in the world – en.Kung-Food

It ‘a really tasty and inviting Top 10. What are we talking about? Simple, the 15 best biscuits in the world. A journey through different continents to discover the best culinary traditions; this Top 10, that I saw on USA Today, rewards the 15 most delicious cookies that reflect the culinary culture of different countries. In this list there are biscuits made with oatmeal, flour, dried coconut, sugar, butter, golden syrup and other delicacies from the most remote areas of the globe. Among the countries listed you will find Italy, USA, England, Brazil, France, Australia and many more. But do you know exactly what biscuits are going to be listed? Some are very common, some others can be quite difficult to be found in stores. Here you are, have a look at the gallery below.