Top 10 vegetables to grow over winter – en.Kung-Food

Now that the colder months are approaching, I like to spend a couple of weekends getting my vegetable beds packed so that I have lots of fresh fodder to pick at over the chilly months ahead. Keeping your garden going through the winter gets you outside in the fresh air, allow you to exercise and can give you brilliant home-grown produce. Up until the end of October there is a good range that can be sown to supplement the leeks, parsnips and sprouts that should already be settled in. Except for garlic, onion sets, asparagus and cabbages, I sow in modules in my cold frame or greenhouse and plant out as mini-plants a few weeks later. Alternatively, sow outside and cover with fleece or perforated polythene. And don’t forget: slugs and snails are less of a threat now as they start to hibernate, but they can still ruin tender young seedlings. Here are the top 10 vegetables to grow over winter.