Ice cream melting time, a protein may solve the problem – en.Kung-Food

Say goodbye to the good ol’ days of ice cream melting all over your hands. Just in time for the final weeks of summer, researchers in Scotland announced the discovery of a natural protein they say can be used to create ice cream products that stay frozen longer and melt more slowly, according to a report by BBC News. And while it may not help save us from the lovely heat wave this week, the ground-breaking advancement could lead to slower-melting ice cream treats hitting shelves in three to five years, the scientists said. Here’s the scoop: Scientists at Edinburgh and Dundee universities found that the protein, or BsIA, binds together water, fat, and air in ice cream and ultimately keeps it frozen longer, which means you can enjoy it longer without the threat of dripping all over you.

Using the protein also results in smoother ice cream without those gritty ice crystals, and could even lead to ice cream with less saturated fat and fewer calories, according to the report. So, just when you thought ice cream couldn’t get any better, it did.