Green gummy bears: do you know what flavor they really are? – en.Kung-Food

Apparently, no one knows what flavor the green gummy bear is. No, it’s not apple, or lime, or even watermelon. It’s strawberry. We knew this already, but the rest of the Internet is apparently just coming to this realization, and everyone is FREAKING OUT. Yes, it makes little to no sense. One, because despite a few measly leaves at the top, strawberries are 100% blue and black. And two, the green gummy bear tastes nothing like a strawberry. It tastes like green. Which is a flavor. But, if you just simply took a few minutes out of your busy day of eating gummy bears to look at the back of the packaging, or the Haribo website, you would not just now be coming to this earth-shattering realization. Sure, in Germany, where Haribo comes from, the strawberry gummy bear is pink. But this is America, where we get things wrong! And it’s totally fine and cool, you guys!