8 tips for deep-frying – en.Kung-Food

True or false: deep-frying is classified as a “dry heat” cooking method. Would you believe that the answer is “true”? It may seem counterintuitive, given the oil involved, but deep-frying falls into the “dry heat” category because the heat is imparted to food without the aid of some form of water. The same is true of sautéing or panfrying. If you’re a fan of all things crispy and tender — think fried chicken or fish and chips (but the list could go on and on forever) — then deep-frying is for you. When done properly, deep-frying will create a shatteringly crunchy exterior while keeping the interior nearly free of oil. When it comes to results, there’s a fine line between golden-brown and greasy, so read on for 8 tips for deep-frying like a proper master chef.