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I love Indian samosa and regularly buy them from outside. Actually, I have eaten samosas from all over India like Delhi,


Ratatouille is a bowl of summer’s bounty, elevated beyond the sum of its parts, through the magic of heat and

red-lentil-and-coconut-soup-2-130x90-2293297 sun-dried-tomato-pesto-2-130x90-7392234 courgette-and-feta-muffins-3-130x90-1248648 italian-pork-ribs-with-olives-5-390x205-3348191

I love Tuscany. It’s one of my favorite places and among the top destinations I regularly long to visit. My

ham-and-olive-lasagne-2-130x90-9347005 cheesy-mushrooms-2-130x90-2654733 potato-pizza-2-1478987 chickpea-and-pistachio-fudge-2-390x205-1442939

These chickpea and pistachio fudge has become a favorite little treat in my family. I even brought some over to my

zombie-fingers-2-130x90-1463409 st-clemente28099s-pie-2-130x90-5151014 milkshake-ice-pops-2-130x90-3802880 oven-baked-zucchini-chips-2-6815718

AHHH this lovely thing, I can’t believe HOW GOOD oven baked zucchini chips taste. It’s like, better than anything else

guido-burger-4-1790615 asparagus-onion-and-egg-sandwich-8773345 homemade-french-fries-2-1131974