10 foods with jacked up prices – en.Kung-Food

Everyone loves a a healthy helping of culinary luxury — it’s the best way to feel rich for a night (then poor until payday), and frankly, there’s a lot we’re willing to pay for. Sure, some dishes are difficult to cook, some ingredients are difficult to grow, but the rest are all jacked up and an excuse to stick a hand in your wallet while you’re busy stuffing your face. We grabbed ten of the big victims to foodie trends and looked at why, and foraged for some underrated deliciousness you can have instead (good news, torta is on the menu). Here are 10 foods with jacked up prices. They are perfect to impress your guests, but there are also many other similar foods that will cost you half of them. And from my experience I can say that sometimes (not all the times but quite a few indeed) what costs so much is really not worth it. Go for genuine, bio food and you’ll be much happier (and richer)!

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