Chorizo and fried egg wraps – en.Kung-Food

I enjoy eggs for breakfast every once in a while, and these chorizo and fried egg wraps were no exception. But I mentioned last week that I am in serious breakfast mode. Like so serious that we are going through eggs at a rapid pace: We have no less than four cartons of eggs right now in our fridge. I’ve always loved breakfast, just not this kind of breakfast, but right now I am eating quite often. The great things about chorizo and fried egg wraps is that you can enjoy them more during the weekend, when you stay in bed a bit longer and you wake up feeling a bit hungry and in the mood for some savory food. These Mexican wraps are extremely tasty, yet very simple to make, and of course you can stuff them with any ingredient you like, so feel free to add some avocados or paprika or onion… anything goes!

4 small cooking chorizo, halved lengthways 4 eggs 2 tbsp mayonnaise 4 flatbreads 4 handfuls rocket

1 tbsp capers, drained

Put the chorizo into a cold frying pan over a low heat, then gradually increase it. Fry until cooked through and beginning to crisp. Lift the chorizo out of the pan, leaving behind just enough oil to stop the eggs sticking. Crack the eggs into the pan and fry them how you like them (an almost-set yolk is best if you want to avoid any drips!).

Spread some mayo over each flatbread, add a handful of the rocket and a few capers with two halves of chorizo to each. Put the egg on top, then fold up the end and the two sides before tucking in. Serve chorizo and fried egg wraps warm.