Burger King's new Halloween Whopper – en.Kung-Food

Burger King has long offered bizarrely colorful cheeseburger buns overseas, leaving curious Americans with the same old white bread Whoppers. But that’s finally about to change. Thanks to increasing interest among its American customers, the fast food chain said “Have it your way, weirdos,” and announced Friday it is officially launching a black burger in the United States similar in appearance to a version served in Japan. But don’t worry, everyone — the American version isn’t colored or flavored with squid ink, but rather with one of the most ‘murica condiments possible: steak sauce. Dubbed the A.1. Halloween Whopper Sandwich, the burger features a strikingly black bun that actually has A.1. steak sauce flavors baked right into it. And if you haven’t gotten your A.! fill there, well, it also comes with even more A.1. steak sauce inside. Personally, I’m quite curious to try this new Halloween Whopper!

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