10 foods that can damage your brain – en.Kung-Food

Our brain is the most complex part of our body.  It only weighs 3-4 pounds but it is composed of neurons that controls our movements, sensations and thoughts, thus making it way too important than we thought it is.  Keeping our brain healthy and perfectly active is essential not only to have a long life, but most important to have a HIGH QUALITY life. You wouldn’t want to be slow and spend a life not knowing what’s going on around you, would you? That is why we should take good care of our brain.  Here are 10 foods that can damage your brain that you should avoid, whenever possible. You can still eat them, just try not to eat them too often, twice a week should be the limit. In the end remember that there are many other yummy foods out there, you don’t necesseraly need to eat the greasy and fat ones!

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