Milkshake ice pops – en.Kung-Food

The warm summer months are perfect for ice pops. Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot summer day like a cool, refreshing ice pop. It’s probably partially related to summertime childhood nostalgia, and having a freezer-full of Popsicles and Otter Pops on hand at all times. But, instead of buying the sugar-filled, brand-name pops, I now like to make my own milkshake ice pops at home. All you need is an ice pop holder: you can usually find these at any kind of kitchen wares store, or at most big box stores. Just blend up your favorite, healthy, fruit-filled smoothie recipe, pour the goodness into your ice pop holders, freeze and voila! You’ve got yourself a cool treat that’s as healthy as you want to make it. Oh, just in case you were going to ask: my favorite flavors are strawberry and mango. What do you like instead?

405ml can light condensed milk 1 tsp vanilla bean paste 1 ripe chopped banana

10 strawberries or 3 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread

Pour the light condensed milk into a food processor and add the vanilla bean paste and chopped banana. Whizz until smooth. Add either the strawberries or chocolate hazelnut spread and whizz again.

Divide the mixture between 4 paper cups, cover with foil, then push a lolly stick through the foil lid of each cup until you hit the base. Freeze for 4 hrs or until solid. Milkshake ice pops will keep in the freezer for 2 months.