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Many of today’s most popular cocktails are either variations of iconic drinks or based on old-fashioned remedies for sicknesses that we now cure with injections or pills. The recipes might have changed, the liquors have become more refined and yet the enjoyment of a tasty cocktail remains the same. From the sophisticated Apple Martini to the powerful punch of a Zombie, there are plenty of well-known cocktails available for patrons of any restaurant or bar. The presentation and experience of a fine cocktail defines the moment and even character of the person enjoying the drink. Much like a brand of beer or a label on a fine bottle of wine, ordering a cocktail can say so much more than just a preference in taste. The following 10 cocktails, however, have become trendy and popular or have managed to maintain their popularity despite great pressure from fine wine and even craft beer. Here are the 10 best cocktails in the world.

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