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Mmmm…burgers. They’re not just for meat-lovers anymore. Sure, the classic hamburger is a nice beef patty sandwiched between two pillowy buns and enhanced with standards such as cheese, sliced tomatoes, a bit of lettuce, and ketchup. But these days, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what constitutes a burger: tuna burgers, crab burgers, bison burgers, lamb burgers, turkey burgers and pork burgers, all are delicious options. Even vegetarian versions, such as black bean burger, zucchini burger or chickpeas burger, won’t disappoint the most ardent carnivores. So whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventure-seeker, give all 10 of the best burgers in the world a try! We could not list all our favorite burgers because there are really too many in our cookbook, but we can give you a hint. If you are in Rome, or if you are going to visit this wonderful city, go to Sloppy Sam’s Restaurant located in Piazza Campo dei Fiori: after 10pm they serve the best burgers on earth!

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