8 foods that boost your metabolism – en.Kung-Food

Calories. You count them. You save them. You burn as many of them as you can. But is your strategy working? If you’re like 67% of women who are constantly (and not so successfully) trying to lose weight and keep it off, the answer is no. The reason: what you think you know about calories is simply not true. Ever since you learned what a calorie is, you’ve been told that they are all alike: whether you eat 500 calories’ worth of celery stalks or crème brûlée, your body will burn or store them equally. Right? Wrong. Science shows that when it comes to weight loss, calories are nowhere near alike. Some foods take more work to eat—and therefore burn more calories while you’re digesting them. Just the act of chewing foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean cuts of meat can increase your calorie burn by up to 30%! And then your stomach and intestines do their jobs. So let’s have a look at these 8 foods that boost your metabolism.

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