10 canned foods we should avoid – en.Kung-Food

Way too often we don’t have the time to cook or we just feel too lazy to get in the kitchen and start cooking a nice, fresh meal. We then choose to eat a pre-made meal, like some ravioli or a soup that only needs to be warmed up. But how safe are these foods and what do they really contain? Too many times they are extremely high in sodium, sugars and ingredients that are anything but natural. That’s why we like to list the 10 canned foods we should avoid (or we should eat only once in a while, without exceeding). These canned foods often have also BPA (Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical, basically a synthetic estrogen linked to breast cancer, reproductive problems, obesity, ADHD, immune system harm and other serious health issues. By saying this, we are not saying that a single can of vegetables or meat is bad for your body. Just used canned foods only when needed; in other circumstances, always choose fresh food over canned one.

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