World's 15 best food cities – en.Kung-Food

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best things to eat. And we also spend a lot of time arguing about the places we’d want to live (or visit) all over the world. So, we decided to take those two arguments and make a case for the 15 best cities on this planet to eat and drink. We tried to keep in mind several things: uniqueness of traditional food/drink style, quality of restaurants/bars, diversity of cuisines, and also, for the most part, a feeling that it is changing and improving. Some staples of these sorts of lists were left off, and while you can argue all you want about the merits, we feel strongly that if a place is resting on its laurels, they should consider stepping off said laurels, and doing something new and interesting. Anyway, here are our world’s 15 best food cities, feel free to make the case for your own in the comments below.

[Total rates: 10 Average rate: 3.7]