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Honey ham sticks and figs really are one of those classic tapas recipes. The two go together like a good wine and cheese with such flavour that these little dishes are certainly Moorish. There are two basic ways to serve honey ham sticks, either with ham being sliced or diced (I prefer sliced). The first is certainly the more popular recipe but for a fresh summer flavour and providing you have a good quality ham then simply the two together with a glass of rose will gets those taste buds going! This tapas recipe is, no need to say, extremely popular in Spain but it’s becoming quite famous also in other Mediterranean countries.

INGREDIENTShoney-ham-sticks-300x225-9059417 1 packet of bread sticks 3 oz orange blossom honey

4 oz Ibérico ham (or Jamón Serrano) in thin slices

Cut the iberico ham slices into strips about 1 inch wide. Dip the tips of the bread sticks into the honey (about 2 inches deep) and drain.

Wrap the ham around the sticks beginning at the tip. Serve honey ham sticks as a appetizer with drinks.