Beef, Beer, and Bacon: 10 recipes just for Dad – en.Kung-Food

It’s no secret that most men love meat – the beefier, the better (and being a man, i can CONFIRM that!). If it’s super sloppy and requires two hands to eat, they’ll chow down on it without even a thought about the calorie count (again, YEP, that’s totally me). So, if you feel like spoiling your Dad (or your boyfriend or husband)… treat dear old dad and let him release his man-sized hunger on these amazing beefy, bacony, and boozy creations! Let’s have a look at the amazing and juicy dishes. Beef, beer, and bacon: 10 recipes just for Dad. He will love them all! Oh, and if you have any other recipes to suggest, just insert your comment below. Thank you so much in advance!

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