Cheese ice cream – en.Kung-Food

At last I have bought an ice cream maker! Finally I can make it at home and stop drooling over ice creams made by my good friends Davide and Erika. I have a lot of flavours in mind but we will be starting with some Filipino classic flavours: cheese ice cream or what they call it keso / queso ice cream. I know some people would find this flavour weird but trust me this is a really good ice cream flavour; in fact it’s the most popular one in the Philippines. It is sold everywhere in shops, in supermarkets even on the streets in form of colourfully painted wooden carts peddled by a sorbetero. For those who haven’t tried this flavour before, I suggest to try a small bit first, just to fix that curiosity, and then afterwards, if you like it which I’m sure you will, eat as much as you want!

INGREDIENTSolympus-digital-camera-14 1 cup cream 2 oz Idiazábal cheese 3/4 lb Torta de la Serena cheese 2 eggs 7 oz sugar 1 cup milk

Blackberry, redcurrant or raspberry sauce

Boil the milk with the cream and the Idiazábal cheese. In a separate bowl, beat the Torta de la Serena cheese with the eggs and sugar. When the milk reaches a boil, pour on the other cheese mixture then beat well with an electric beater. Cool.

Fill the freezer container and freeze, beating once or twice during the freezing process with a hand beater. Serve cheese ice cream with honey or fruit sauce.