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We all want the same thing: a delicious (and healthy!) inexpensive dinner. Try our 9 healthy dinner recipes under 3$ and you won’t be disappointed. Each dish is full of nutrition without skimping on taste. Trying to cook on a budget? Looking for a cheap, quick and easy meal under 3$ a head? You’ve come to the right place! It’s easy to cook on a budget with these easy family recipes for under 3$ per head including delicious risotto, sausage casserole, pasta bake and more! Cutting down on your food bill doesn’t mean missing out on good hearty family meals. Rustle up a classic carbonara for only 2.99$ or how about fish cakes serving 4 people at 3.89$. We’ve worked it all out for you – from the ingredients you’ll need and how much they should cost you.

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