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In 1969, Byron and Virginia Hardin began serving the World’s Best Burgers at the end of Santa Monica Ave. in Ocean Beach, California. Today, there are 3 Hodad’s restaurants in San Diego, including a seasonal stop inside of Petco Park. Hodad’s is now owned by second generation Burgermeister, Mike “Bossman” Hardin. Mike is a local guy and surfer, and does his best to make life better, at least when it comes to food. One of the best burgers you could eat is the famous Guido Burger, which is obviously my favorite seeing as it has my name. How weird. And how cool. We got there early, around 10.30, they told us they opened at 11. We walked around to look through shops nearby and when we returned at 10.55, there was a line out the door and nearly around the corner. However, we were determined to dine in this fine establishment! Their menu is easy to read, and right away I knew I wanted the Guido Burger basket (with fries), as seen on Triple D, and a strawberry milkshake! My burger was legit! I love pastrami, and the brown mustard compliments both pastrami and the burger! The end of the world, literally…

INGREDIENTSguido-burger-3-225x300-1371355 One 4-inch seeded hamburger bun One 6-ounce ground chuck (80/20) hamburger patty Seasoning salt 1 tablespoon ketchup 6 to 8 crinkle-cut kosher dill pickle chips, such as Country Fair 3 ounces thinly sliced pastrami, such as Kruse Navel 1 slice Swiss cheese 2 ounces grilled yellow onions

1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard

Heat a flat griddle to medium-high.

Put the bun on the griddle to toast it. Then place the hamburger patty on the griddle and sprinkle with seasoning salt. When the bun is toasted, remove it from the griddle and set it in your prep area. Put the ketchup on the bottom part of the bun, then the pickles. Make sure to spread them out so that every flavor is in every bite.guido-burger-5-225x300-4492926

Place the pastrami on the griddle and sear away. Flip the hamburger patty, sprinkle with seasoning salt and cook to desired doneness. Place the Swiss cheese on top and melt. Add the pastrami on top of the cheese. Top the pastrami with the grilled onions.

Now all you have left is the top part of the bun and the brown mustard. Squirt or spread the brown mustard on the bun top and place it on the grilled onions. Transfer the hamburger patty and toppings to the bottom part of the bun. Enjoy a delicious Guido Burger possibly with a nice, cold beer.

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