Tuscan garlic bread – en.Kung-Food

Preparing the usual garlic bread it’s actually quite simple, but preparing tuscan garlic bread it’s even easier and quicker. To make the best tuscan garlic bread, or “bruschetta” or “fettunta” as we call it in Italy, it’s very important using an olive oil of excellent quality. The best thing it would be to use a freshly pressed oil, almost creamy and greenish. Of ancient and poor origin, tuscan garlic bread can be offered in many ways; it ranges from simple olive oil and garlic one to cherry tomatoes, cheese and vegetales one. Garlic bread is a simple and genuine dish that is amazing either on its own or to go with other dishes, for example soups. It’s also amazing as an appetizer during the summer, accompanied by cheese and red vine. But let’s have a look at how tuscan garlic bread is made, even though talking about “directions” is a bit too much, considering its simplicity.

4 slices of rustic bread Extra virgin olive oil, to taste 2 cloves garlic Salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste

Start by toasting the slices of rustic bread on the grill. As soon as the bread slices are lightly crispy on the surface, rub them generously with a garlic clove, then sprinkle with salt and finish with a good grinding of black pepper. Pour olive oil on the bread and serve immediately as they are hot, or after a minute.