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What could represent traditional italian cuisine and food better than pizza? Nothing. Pepperoni pizza is definitely perfect in any situation, like a family dinner, a party, or a cold winter night where all you want is to stay warm and eat some good food. The recipe for pepperoni pizza is pretty quick and easy to follow, but the final taste is definitely worth the effort!  Pepperoni pizza has a rich layer of tomato sauce, spicy pepperoni (called salami, in italian) slices and a sprinkling of fresh and creamy mozzarella cheese, all on top of a crunchy pizza base. Pizza dough can be found in shops and supermarkets or, if you feel brave enough, can be made at home; you might need a little practice but the results will be just incredible and your pizza will taste so much better and definitely easier to digest!

INGREDIENTSpepperoni-pizza-300x200-6125978 Pizza dough 2 ounces sliced pepperoni 6 ounces diced mozzarella cheese Jar of tomato sauce 2 teaspoons of olive oil

Oregano, to taste

Preheat the oven, about 240°C, then prepare the pizza dough: roll it and place it on the pizza pan, making sure to spread it out into a circle. Make the edges a bit thicker by rolling them, just to create the crust. You can choose the crust’s thickness, I don’t like mine too thick. Take the tomato sauce and spread it evenly across the pizza, then add mozzarella cheese dices all over the surface.

Finally put the sliced pepperoni so that you cover the entire pizza, besides the crusts. If pepperoni it’s enough for you, then you can proceed, otherwise you can complete your pizza with some more ingredients like mushrooms, ham, peppers, onion and much more, there’s just so many possibilities!  Time to put your pizza in the preheated oven and to bake it for approximately 20 minutes: just be careful you don’t burn it, so keep and eye on it! Serve pepperoni pizza very hot.

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