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Is not food the second best thing in the world? If you’re sure it’s the first, let me remind you there is something called eating it too. Delicacies from around the world are bliss, and made by the craftiest hand of the best chefs from around the world, they are nothing short of ecstasy. When we talk of food, who we often miss out on giving credit to are the chefs who prepare the delicacies that suffice to be able to give culinary orgasms to people from around the world. Do you know who baked the Banoffee pie you relished at Victoria Jungfrau? Never taken the pain to thank the chef. Have you? Here are the 10 most famous Chefs in the world who satiate your tummies with delicacies and seldom get appreciated for it. They cook better than mom does (that might be too far-fetched). But then, you should know of the 10 people in the world you would never go hungry with- or those you must avoid when on a diet.

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