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An airline meal or in-flight meal is a meal served to passengers on board a commercial airliner. These meals are prepared by airline catering services and vary widely in quality and quantity across different airline companies and classes of travel. They range from a simple beverage in short-haul economy class to a seven-course gourmet meal in long-haul first class. When ticket prices were regulated in the American domestic market, food was the primary means airlines differentiated themselves. The first airline meals were served by Handley Page Transport, an airline company founded in 1919, to serve the LondonParis route in October of that year. Passengers could choose from a selection of sandwiches and fruit. The type of food varies depending upon the airline company and class of travel. Meals may be served on one tray or in multiple courses with no tray and with a tablecloth, metal cutlery, and glassware (generally in first and business classes). To find out the best mile-high dining options, we reached out to flight attendants and asked for their favorite thing to eat on the plane. This goes way beyond airline peanuts. So, just for you, the 10 best foods on major airlines.

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