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Did you know the American Cancer Society now reports the chances of getting cancer are now 1 in 2 for men, and 1 in 3 for women ? Those staggering numbers indicate a growing epidemic in the U.S., but it isn’t time to throw in the towel. In their annual cancer progress report, The American Association for Cancer Research stated: “it is estimated that more than 50 percent of the 585,720 cancer deaths expected to occur in the United States in 2014 will be related to preventable causes.” With over half of cancers being avoidable, it seemed that a closer look needed to be taken at we are subjecting out bodies to that might me at the root of the cancer epidemic. One of the greatest exposures to cancer is in what we eat. Cancer causing foods are likely in your everyday diet and you didn’t even realize it. Below you’ll see 10 cancer causing foods to avoid, we hope you will find them useful.

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