7 ways to make sure you don't waste your food before you can even eat it – en.Kung-Food


Whether you consider yourself a cook or not, you work hard for the money you spend on groceries. And when it comes to fruits and veggies, there’s nothing more discouraging than seeing them rotting in your fridge, uneaten. Especially in the summer, it happens quite often: we buy some lovely bananas or some juicy avocados and in a blink they are gone, they become rotten within 24 hours, sometimes. Get the most out of them with these tips and don’t let it any of it go to waste. 7 ways to make sure you don’t waste your food before you can even eat it: simple tips that we hope you will find quite useful the next time you buy some onions, berries, apples and any kind of fruit and veggies, really.