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Jumbo shrimp with Dry Sherry in garlicky olive oil is just about the ideal tapas bar snack. The sweet shrimp and garlic aroma go perfectly with a nice sherry, while the leftover oil at the bottom of the earthenware dish is the ideal sopping-up liquid for good Spanish bread. Jumbo shrimp with Dry Sherry is also one of those dishes that, even when mediocre, is still pretty darn good. I’ve eaten enough mediocre gambas al ajillo in my day—even in Spain!—to say that with confidence. But when it’s done perfectly, when the shrimp are juicy and tender with a crunchy pop, when the oil sings with a chorus of layered garlic flavors, it can be transcendent. That’s what we’re after today. So without wasting time, let’s have a look at the recipe.
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During my travels a few years ago, I spent over a month in Seychelles Islands for work and one evening, I ate at a lovely restaurant in Anse Lazio, near the beach. Eating out in Seychelles is usually not expensive and the food is generally fresh and delicious. And as usually happens with me, since I want to try everything that sounds intriguing or new, my eyes are bigger than my stomach… I ended up ordering an avocado appetiser and a full entree. Fortunately, the fish entree was a normal portion, or else I would’ve had to leave it there or exploded. The appetiser was stuffed avocados with garlic shrimp and other ingredients, which I cannot recall. What I do know is that it was rather creamy. In Spain, a halved avocado stuffed with shrimp and/or ensaladilla is tapa that is very typical in Granada, where bars give you a free tapa with a paid drink. I can’t recall the last time I had a stuffed avocado, so these stuffed avocados with garlic shrimp I had in Anse Lazio tasted sublimely divine!
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Whenever I hear of someone planning a trip to Venice, I always recommend a side trip over to the island of Burano, where my mom was born. This unique island can be easily reached by water taxi or water bus and is famous for its lacework and brightly colored buildings. On a recent trip I ordered a plate of fried shrimp for lunch, which might sound pretty ordinary, but which was anything but. The shrimp I had were sweet and tender, and encased in a light crispy batter and fried just until golden brown. Being a food fanatic, I had to see if I could replicate this dish at home. I did some research on seafood batter, and ended up choosing one I thought most resembled the batter used at the restaurant. Because fried shrimp is a pretty basic dish, I decided to sprinkle my completed plate with a gremolata type of blend that included fresh parsley, sea salt, a chili pepper, and some lemon zest. This really enhance the flavor of the shrimps and you really do not need anything else although some lemon wedges can be included on the plate when serving. So, here’s my fried shrimp with spicy gremolata recipe.
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Caramelized shrimp is a simple yet very inviting Vietnamese recipe that combines many lovely flavors into one delicious recipe. These exotic shrimp are sweet but salty, savory but spicy, all at once, and they are extremely quick and easy to stir-fry. Vietnamese caramelized shrimp can be used as an appetizer (in this case use decent-sized ones) or to top a rice dish. One of the key ingredients is the fish sauce, a dark liquid commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking: it doesn’t smell very nice but it does add a wonderful depth and taste to a dish. The sweetness and saltiness of the sauce on the shrimp works really well, even more if combined with the rice, talking of which I suggest you some coconut jasmine rice. Vietnamese caramelized shrimp is recommended if you are planning an ethnic meal: it will definitely impress your friend and/or partner.
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Invented in the 1960s by British chef Fanny Cradock, shrimp cocktail is a seafood dish consisting of shrimps served usually in a glass, together with Marie Rose sauce. Shrimp cocktail was extremely popular in Great Britain from 1960s to the late 1980s and after a couple decades it made a comeback in recent years. Chef Fanny Cradock is credited with inventing the Marie Rose sauce as well as the shrimp cocktail; even though in North America the sauce is red and made of ketchup and horseradish, in other areas of the world this sauce is pink and based on a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. If you prefer, you can serve your shrimp cocktail with any sauce, even just plain mayonnaise, dutch sauce or tartar sauce.
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