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There are so many ways to make stuffed peppers: some use ground beef and rice, some use rice and cheese, others only ground beef ox mixed minced meat. They can be quite heavy, that’s why I decided to try making quinoa stuffed peppers, using quinoa instead of rice and black beans instead of ground beef. Quinoa and black beans make a healthy and light combination that’s also vegetarian friendly, plus you can swap the cheese on top for avocado slices to make it vegan as well. Quinoa stuffed peppers can be a good solution if you love stuffed peppers as much as I do (I’ve been eating them since I was a small kid), but you are feeling like staying light: they make a delicious meal with a tossed salad, or served with mashed or baked potatoes. To make this recipe, use green bell peppers or red bell peppers, or any combination of colors.
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My family (well, me most of all but also my borther and my parents) loves sausage and peppers, which is the reason why every now and then we have a yummy sausage and peppers burger. Either used for a rich pasta or for a sandwich, these two ingredients are a must in my house. Even my friends and my girlfriend love them, so that’s why I decided to twist it a bit for a change and serve it burger style. It was a hit so I decided to enter it.  These burgers are juicy, flavorful, hearty and topped with a spicy homemade marinara sauce (even though you can top them with almost anything you like, from ketchup to mayonnase, but also spicy sauce or yogurt sauce). They’re fast to put together, easy for a weeknight or weekend – and so good, they’ll go on your endless rotation list. I used provolone cheese, a typical Italian cheese, but you can vary and use mozzarella or Asiago cheese or just cheddar cheese: as long as it melts, that’s fine! Sausage and peppers burger is such an inviting recipe, maybe not very indicated if you are on a diet but hey, you only live once!
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