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North African lamb kebabs always sounded so intriguing to me. Traditionally we think of kebabs made up of ‘hunks’ of meat and/or vegetables. These North African lamb kebabs are made with ground lamb that’s blended with heavenly herbs and spices. I came across a recipe in one of my cooking magazines and the ingredients list was right up our alley (and mostly on hand): cumin, coriander, paprika, fresh cilantro, mint, oregano, ginger, garlic…..can’t you just smell it. Upon further Moroccan recipe research, I couldn’t decide on one single recipe but instead pulled together bits and pieces from several, as probably this recipe vary from region to region. The end result was incredibly juicy kebabs, just bursting with aromas and layers of flavor.
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Greek meatballs, also know as “Keftedes me saltsa domata” are a delicious recipe, extremely popular all over Greece, that I first tasted in the village of Kyparissia. Made of lamb, Greek meatballs can be served as a main course, together with a fresh salad and some mashed potatoes, or as an appetizer, possibly with some fresh tzatziki, a yummy yogurt, garlic and cucumber dip typical of Greek cuisine. They taste best served at room temperature (even ‘tho you can warm them up as well) and make for wonderful leftovers. If you don’t like lamb that much, then you could try using some other meat, like beef or even chicken. These quick and tasty Greek meatballs will delight both kids and adults alike, plus they don’t have many fats so you can eat as many as you like (I’ll be happy with let’s say 10 of them…). Like we said before, serve them with salad, mashed potatoes, tzatziki but also with rgilled veggies or baked potatoes as well, and some Greek pita, you can’t miss that! If you love meatballs and you’re looking for new recipes, this one wont disappoint you, I guarantee!
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