10 of the best simple recipes ever – en.Kung-Food

 Yummy and tasty recipes don’t have to be necesseraly complicated to be good. That’s why we would like to present you 10 of the best simple recipes ever, ten recipes that are full of taste but still extremely easy to prepare. Some of these recipes are also quite quick to prepare, some others instead take a bit longer to be ready but they are still indicated even if you don’t have great cooking skills. From main dishes to appetizers, from curries to desserts, these 10 of the best simple recipes ever can be a great idea if you don’t really know what to cook but you still want to impresso your family and guests. In my opinion, simple recipes are always the best, even though I do like to try different recipes and/or creative ones that take hours to be made. So if you ran out of ideas, the following recipes might save your day!