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Have you ever tried octopus salad? Octopus it’s very popular in the Mediterranean Sea and in Mexico and it tastes a lot like calamari, just meatier. In Italy we call it “insalata di polipo” and in Mexico it’s called “ensalada de pulpo”, but the sure thing is that octopus salad is one of my favorite seafood dishes ever, with lots of lemon juice and parsley to make it even richer. In South America octopus salad is often made like a ceviche and cooked in an acidic marinade, without heat, but we are going to cook it in a different way, blanching it first, then slowly cooking it in its own juices over a bed of aromatic herbs. If you wish to make this recipe more tasty and richer, you can add extra flavours like tomatoes, red onions and lime juice.
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