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A really quick and easy recipe, broiled grapefruit is delicious served hot, on a chilly day, or even cold, on a lazy summery day. The hot caramelized topping gives a superb taste to this fruit, which combines perfectly with the melted brown sugar. All you need to do is to broil it until the sugar begins to bubble and caramelize a little, melting into the tangy grapefruit beneath; just be sure the fruits are well chilled to produce the best results. Broiled grapefruit is the perfect way to sweeten up your morning, plus it couldn’t be easier to make, considering that all you really need to do is to sprinkle half a grapefruit with a little brown sugar and place it under the broiler for a few minutes. This dessert acn be compared to crème brûlée, only here the hot caramelized topping gives way to cool, tart-sweet segments of citrus fruit instead of chilled custard. Try a nice broiled grapefruit and you will start loving your brakfast even more, from now on!
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