The 10 worst foods for your teeth – en.Kung-Food

Taking care of your teeth is important, especially if you lie to your dentist about flossing. Which everyone does… except me. I floss all the time… ok no, I don’t, not all the time at least! That’s probably why my longtime dentist dr. Oliviero was kind enough to share his expertise on which foods are the worst for your teeth. It’s quite obvious that candy isn’t great for you, and also that eating it in moderation won’t call forth the cavity monster (especially if you brush afterwards). But did you know that sour foods are usually worse than sugary ones? If you did, you still won’t be able to guess what “food” you will find at number one. Read on to learn which are the 10 10 worst foods for your teeth, and why. Your dentist will thank you, no doubt about it.