March 19, 2015 – en.Kung-Food


Guys, we should definitely, definitely talk about these. I realize that you might imagine rice stuffed tomatoes to be something unappealing. Maybe you had a cold, stomach-turning one at a buffet wedding too many years ago that its squidgy horror should still be fresh in your mind, and yet. Maybe you cannot imagine why anyone would consider rice stuffed inside a tomato to be something noteworthy, being just rice and tomatoes, possibly two of the most generic foods out there. And maybe you’re going to be disappointed when I tell you that I added nothing, just about nothing at all, and that’s the best thing about them. I loved rice stuffed tomatoes because they feel to me like the essence of simple Italian and Mediterranean cooking, this idea that you don’t need to lay 16 outside flavors onto things as simple as seasonal tomatoes and plain rice to make them taste amazing. So if you are curious to know more about this summery recipe, here you go. I hope you’ll like it! Oh, and feel free to stuff them with some beef maybe, or to make them a little spicy by using some chili.
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