March 3, 2015 – en.Kung-Food

A grilled onion salad, especially if you love onions as much as I do, is always a good solution for a light and tasty meal. Grilled onions can be just as good chilled as hot, especially when you let them marinate in an herb dressing or in olive oil. You can make a simple onion salad or prepare a richer one like we did, seeing as we used goat cheese. Many people also use potatoes, so that the dish results more filling. The grilling produces all sorts of caramelized goodness in the onions, taming their bite and bringing out their natural sweetness. Olive oil acts like a marinade, further softening the onions, and infusing them with flavor. The best thing? The salad lasts for days, and actually improves with age, as the dressing soaks into the onions. So, it’s a great party make-ahead salad, also perfect as a side dish. We used a oil and rosemary vinaigrette with this grilled onion salad.
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