The 10 most outrageous bacon dishes – en.Kung-Food

Forget science, money, or anything else that supposedly makes the world go ‘round. Do you know what really makes the world go ‘round? Bacon. Yes, bacon. That’s why we present you the 10 most outrageous bacon dishes. Everyone loves bacon. It brings peace and love to the world (well, except when there’s one piece of bacon left on the table). In this day and age, bacon ain’t just for breakfast no more. With the whole world growing increasingly fervid about bacon, innovative bacon recipes are popping up left and right. Some are stranger than others (yet just as delicious – come on, it’s bacon!). It’s been said that life expectancy might extend longer if fruits and vegetables smelled and tasted as good as bacon. We can only dream. In reality, the average American eats roughly 18 pounds of bacon per year, and it’s not just how much they eat but rather the ways in which they’re doing it. We’ve seen some wild applications of the pig from bacon cupcakes to bacon coffee, and this top 10 list proves that those are just the tip of the iceberg.