December 9, 2014 – en.Kung-Food

Today’s recipe for Italian stuffed chicken breast is quite simple, yet extremely tasty and quite unexpensive, which is always a good thing, no doubt about it. Boneless skinless chicken breasts get pounded thin; then, they get stuffed with a trio of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes (I prefer cherry tomatoes to be honest), herbs and garlic. Someone adds chopped olives as well. Toothpicks are used to secure the chicken closed, then they get cooked, on the stovetop for about 20 minutes. To serve, I topped the Italian studfed chicken breast with a little warm marinara and Parmesan cheese, even though they are not included in the original recipe. Simply stated, it was tasty! Obviously, you can vary the stuffing, if you like: spinach is always a good solution.
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