December 4, 2014 – en.Kung-Food

Achiote recado pork is a delicious, tasty, spicy Mexican recipe, ideal to be prepared during the weekend when people have usually more time to cook. The flavour and the taste are mainly given by achiote recado; this mild, citrusy red spice paste can transform the blandest of foods into extremely tasty dishes. It comes from the Yucatan, where it typically flavors Pibil-style suckling pig. The pig, at least in the original recipe, is rubbed with the recado, wrapped in banana leaves, and then cooked in a stone-lined pit until the meat is so tender it falls off the bones. Grilling is a less traditional, but no less delicious, method. Use achiote recado for meat, fish, and poultry. Purchased achiote paste saves a good deal of time and makes a less complex but acceptable recado so don’t worry, your achiote recado pork will still taste really good!
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